Classified – People Lyrics

People Lyrics by Classified

Lately, I don’t really like people
I don’t like white people,
Any type of people, dark, light people. I don’t like people
I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, people
If you go both ways all day, people
Still gonna sit here and hate people, thinking,

Maybe we’re underdeveloped
Trying to understand, maybe we’re jealous
Maybe we wanna believe what they tell us
Over-embellish the things that we say when we’re feeling rebellious
I relish in thought
How come this world is so selfish and lost?
We mark it up, never sell it at cost
I think that I’ve had it with everyone, y’all
I don’t like atheists or the churchgoers
Pray to God that the worst is over
But I know the truth is gonna hurt tomorrow
And it’s all our fault, ain’t it?
Not one person
All of us
Not one race
All of us
Not one faith
All of us
There’s only one place
For all of us


I don’t really like people
I don’t like young people
I don’t like old people, or smart people or dumb people
I don’t care if you’re vaxxed or antivaxx
If you cover your face or anti-mask
Still gonna sit here and hate people
Thinking, why do we rate people?
I don’t like Democrats or the Republicans
I ain’t conservative, I ain’t progressive, nah I don’t want none of them
I’ve had enough of them
I don’t like politics or climatologists
Every day hearing about our apocalypse
We’re resorting to leaving on rocket ships
‘Cause we got comfortable with our incompetence, man
It’s hard to believe in people
Nowadays I don’t like meeting people
Vegan people, meat-eating people
You really think I care what you’re eating, people?
I don’t care what you look like, what your job is, or where you came from
When it comes down to it, we all play dumb and it’s all our fault, ain’t it?

Not one person.
All of us.
Not one faith
But all of us
Not one race, all of us
Why do we hate all of us?
Give your head a shake, all of us
We need to be great, all of us
They try to separate all of us
Don’t let them separate all of us, people


How come we dwell on irrelevant detail?
We’re fussing and fighting over differences
Don’t make a difference if you fail then we fail
Doesn’t matter the color your skin is
Doesn’t matter your age or your sex or religion
I’ll love you for being yourself
But I hate the division that’s growing within us
That’s why I don’t like people
I don’t like broke people
Or rich people, drunk people, or sober people
Really, I don’t wanna know you, people
But somebody’s gotta show you, people
We gotta start looking at the bigger picture
Or soon it’s gonna be over, people.

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