Daniel Seavey – I Tried Lyrics

I Tried Lyrics – Daniel Seavey

There’s a house by the beach with a dog on the sheets
Where the sunshine always shines
There’s a ring on your hand and I’m still in the band
And I hold you every night

But I lied, I lied
I wasted all your time
Made a promise that I could never keep
But I swear to God I tried

With my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds
I hope I find my way
Yeah, my heart’s still yours, but my dream is the world
So for now I just can’t stay

But I’ll try, I’ll try
I won’t sleep a single night
So when I see this through, I’ll come back for you
I’ll come back for you

When my limbs grow old and my heart goes cold
And they lay me down to rest
I won’t toss or turn, I won’t let it burn
‘Cause I’ll know I tried my best
But I pray, I pray
You’ll come back to me one day
Gave up everything for my hopes and dreams
Now I wish I would’ve stayed

In “I Tried,” Daniel reflects on a past love and imagines them growing older together, even though things between them have ended because their ambition and dreams weren’t in the same place.

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