DC The Don – Mood Swings Lyrics

Lyrics to Mood Swings by DC The Don

Ayy, this is a Trademark production

Yeah, yesterday left in the past
See I was just down on my ass
I had a hard time to pass, for real
I didn’t mean to go off and spaz, you just got caught in the raft
Give me my preps at least, I’m still a black kid with a check on me
So really girl, please do not mess with me (Let’s go)
That was the death of me (Ba)
Anti-social, made a mess of me
Living life got the best of me
I’m in front, come and catch up please
Carry out with the recipe (Yeah)
Hollywood Hills, bitch, I live by the code
That 720, a star has arose (Let’s go)
What do you see in my face when you look me deep in my eyes?
Do you see a demon disguised, or somebody that’s scared to let love in their life?
I really am not really surprised, I’m just paring, it’s hard to keep feelings inside
We cut off all of the lights when we creep to your hood, that’s the way that we slide
We going tooth for a tooth, then an eye for an eye, that’s the way that we ride
I put my life on the line for the principles, DC not too ‘fraid to die
Really been humble this year, but I’m getting sick of these lies
So we finna turn up on ’em, industry don’t give a fuck about ’em
Shit is getting physical, cynical, all this shit is damn right pitiful, ayy
All these blue strips on me add right now, pockets identical, ayy
I’m the type of nigga that’ll shit on my ex, make your life miserable, ayy
“DC, is you off the Henny? Keep that shit a stack” Maybe I did a few, ayy
Shawty right up on her knees, she’s a animal
She finna eat on this dick like a Danimal
I’m finna eat up the beat like a cannibal
This shit way too lit, yeah my mixtape is flammable
You don’t got sauce, boy, you so damn forgettable
I’ll play it fair, we go dumb and get rid of you
Fatality, Scorpion, I’ma finish you
What’s the point anyways? He was born with a into it

I got mood swings, mood swings
Tryna find a bitch to change my mood ring, yeah
Mood ring, mood ring
I just need that vibe coming from you and me

Ayy, shawty gon’ fuck it up, I had to let it go
Feelin’ a bum, and it fucks with my schedule
I can’t go into this bitch, I ain’t ready, oh
We got this bitch, I still got me some [?]
Trouble our minds, doo, doo, doo, turn him to SpaghettiOs, ayy
I’m in a jet, movin’ steady today
No I’m not in the mood, shit get deadly today
Trapped in my mind with no answers
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
I made it to twenty, I’m really surprised
I’m good off that bullshit, stop telling me lies
I’m having a hard time of sleeping at night
I’m downing that Henny, don’t need me no ice
I’m hoping this bottle got answers to life, yeah
Don’t know from wrong and what’s right
I need to lift it to get it precise, yeah
Moving bitch, I’m stealing your heart and no I don’t need me no fuckin’ advice, yeah
Clearly you’re liking me too, the judging can meet me and go in at night, yeah
No sway, you don’t know, so please, do not give me no fuckin’ advice, yeah

I got mood swings, mood swings (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Tryna find a bitch to change my mood ring, yeah
Mood ring, mood ring
I just need that vibe coming from you and me