DD Osama – BACK TO BACK Lyrics

BACK TO BACK Lyrics – DD Osama

Every opp shot (Grrah, nigga)
Grrah-grrah, it’s that DD Osama nigga

Ayo, TG, suck my dick
Why you talkin’ on Notti? JB got hit
Fat nigga he ran then tripped
Then Nazzy had died right after JayRipK
Still smoking on kay
Bitch i’m smokin’ on lay and i’m smokin’ on Blay
If i catch me a 41 he going away
Aj watts my guzzy don’t play
And 83 my devil for him ima slide
Forever 14 till the day that I die
I’m only 15 with a few by my side
Cuz they talking on not they all gotta die
And I’m feeling real disrespectful like
Why they keep dissing my block
Frankie, Keith, Matt, Lee died
Like how many niggas got shot
41 yeah them boys is some rookies
Glad Mr.everything deadly is pussy
Now I want you yo throw on your what
Gluh fuck a mask all I need is my hoodie
Aye she Gz suck my dick
You talking on not like did you forget
Nigga ran on his mans now he in a spliff
Ruh, dub, beans hit, glah

Leroy, gatti dead in a ditch
We gon visit they grave just to piss
Frankie, c-hii, matt, spliff
So-so much deads I can write me a list
So many died on the sev
Rippy got shot he was holding his chest
Nazzy, blay stuck on the floor
40 cal we gon smoke it some more
Aj a dick nigga died in a whip
On bro ima spin thru they strip
Why the fuck would I hang out the whip
I know a opp that got shit in his lip
Jay six!
Off drink pouring up with the liter
Dudey lo gon with a heater
Shh got tapped he was doing a seizure
Talking on notti they must wanna meet him
And we flockin for bro, yeah yall know
We gon come if they send us a Lo
40 hit him he thought he was cool
Like jayripk got put on the news, free move
He got locked with the like brodie he be home soon
Spinning thru blocks tryna creep thru they [?]
We hop out when it’s dark on the concrete
Bullets attack him they score up his heart rate
Throw shots at the make the car shake
When I’m bending I’m better with buzzin’
I seen DD turn nothing to something
Dudley lo off they yerky he bussin’
Shit real ima shoot him for nothing
Late night, we gon creep
First one we seen he get put in a tee
Daylight, I can see
First one I catch ima put him to sleep
And this shit really hurt
Got forever 14 on my shirt
But best when I’m up they gon’ feel it the worst
For I cuff a lil bitch she gon’ finish the work, glah
Shot after shot he need more than a doctor
Set da trend niggas smoking your father
And my brodie don’t play yeah he on that
RG lay him down like a doormat
He tryna spin bet these shots make him fall back
Hit a milly for nothing I know that he saw that
Like I hop on the beat go kuu
For lil notti I’m booming at you
Glah free quan yeah he shaking the room
Throw a shot bullets making him move, glah

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