Diddy – Intermission Lyrics

Intermission Lyrics by Diddy

So where we at now?
It’s the intermission
You know, this the time where you repress, reset
Grab some DeLeón
And you make the decision whether
You wanna chill or you wanna keep going
I wanna keep going
That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout
We gon’ take the frequency up a notch, you know I’m sayin’?
I appreciate you comin’ off the grid with me
Trustin’ me with your vibration
Take that

My, my, my good thing is over (Over)
The masquerade is over (Over)
Whoa-whoa, Lord, it’s over (Over)
Can’t find my way without you
It’s over, girl
Once I’d known ya, you were my water
But you turned into sand, oh, Lord

I’ll get over it since I love you
And I know your troubled, but is this over?
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
Only you

But just remember this, as long as you live and breathe
I love you, baby
I love you, baby

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