Diddy & Jozzy – Nasty (Interlude) Lyrics

Nasty (Interlude) Lyrics by Diddy

Bored as fuck
How about you just like
Come over tonight?

Can we get nasty?
We can vibe
Wanna get nasty
I really wanna do what you wanna do, like
Can we get nasty?
How nasty can we get?
Gon’ get nasty
Can we get?
Can we get nasty?
I don’t really kiss and tell
Can we get nasty?
I really won’t judge you
Get nasty, nasty

Shawty, can we get nasty as fuck with me tonight?
I said it’s gettin’ nasty
No rules
No ifs, ands or buts, do what we like
Do what we like
Baby, I wanna be your best
I wanna be your best, baby
Downright nasty
As freaky as you wanna be

Can we get nasty?
Downright nasty
Can we get nasty?
Downright nasty

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