Dpr Ian – Ballroom Extravaganza Lyrics

Dpr IanBallroom Extravaganza Lyrics – Dpr Ian

The crowd has come to a halt
The birds won’t sing for you anymore
Not like before

When the trees are all burning
All the stars will keep on turning
And I know I won’t stop searching
For the moment when the world

Stopped for you
It stopped for you
Then the world came crashing down
And it’s pulling you in now

You know all the words to the play
But all I wanted was you to stay
Your time is running thin
Cause I’m faling through the cracks under your floor

How does it feel to be alive again?
Stop holding on with your dear breath
You’re one step closer to me

On the ballroom extravaganza
I know you won’t find me anymore
I tried to reach for you once more
But the world came crashing to the ground

When the story comes to an end
Will it be the same again?
When all the king’s horsemen and all the king’s men
They couldn’t put you back together again

Oh when the story comes to an end
Will it be the same again to you?
To you
When the story comes to an end
Will you be the same again at all?
At all
At all

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