EVNNE – Even More Lyrics English Translation

Even More Lyrics English Translation by EVNNE

In the deepening night where darkness spreads,
My light gradually awakens.
Like a melody familiar to your ears,
The time to search for you,
Alongside dreams that won’t let me sleep by my bedside,
And worries piled high on my desk,
In a room that feels like a deserted island,
A light rises in one corner of my heart.

Just take your time, just close your eyes,
Lean on me.
I want to sing a song for you,
I’ll be your star.

On your darkest days,
I’ll become your brightest light,
Though tender, I had to be strong,
I’ll shine on your weary day.
Your small smile,
Is my every reason,
Every time you call my name,
I’ll pour it all out for you.

With a splendid shape and a pretty radiance,
Through many seasons, walking by your side,
No matter what scenery we see together,
It all shines because of you.
Our perfect story, written with you as the only star,
We come closer with each step, falling into this attraction, drop in,
Among countless stars, I’ll find and bring you out,
Under the night sky, I’ll sing this song filled with my heart.

You’re not alone, ’cause I’m your home,
Rest here for a while.
An oasis created by sweat and tears,
We’ll be alright, no-oh.

On your darkest days,
I’ll give you the brightest light,
Your eyes that make the stars shine,
Everything is dyed because of you.
Even as time passes,
Even as seasons come and go,
Every time you call my name,
I’ll pour it all out for you.

I’m in heaven, in your eyes,
I like the me reflected within,

Let’s start like spring, this is our story,
Blossom like a flower, this is our journey (someday),
Remember, even if it hurts, we’ll continue to be starry,
Hold my hand (Woah),
Your bright smile (bright smile),
Is my every song (song),
Side by side, we’ll etch our names,
So this moment can last forever.

Let me be your star,
Let me be your star (I’ll be your star),
Let me be your star,
See you again tomorrow.