Grumpster – Hollow Lyrics

Hollow Lyrics – Grumpster

It’s dark out again
No lights, no party
Go on ahead
It’s fine, forget me
Wasting away
No blood, no body
I don’t mind
It’s alright
I wasted my time
Stuck to your tether
Soaked to the bone
Through your nasty weather
Just put me down
Six feet underground
I don’t mind
It’s alright

Nothings going your way
So you’re sleeping through the day
Count down 9 to 5
You’d rather die
But you’ve got some more to say
Trembling all the time
Forgetting how to cry
I feel so fucking dumb while I’m having fun
Then I bottle it up inside

Can’t you see?
There’s something off with me
My head is fucked
My feet are stuck
And I can barely breathe

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