hemlocke springs – stranger danger! Lyrics

stranger danger! Lyrics – hemlocke springs

(Watch out, she’s a go-getter)

Man taught me the way
Eat, work, and obey
Yet I add and keep addin’ on to debts I can’t repay
Be careful what you say
The fiends, they like to play
They hold on to a composure, but that too will decay
Immine-nent torture (Secretly despise the feelin’)
In a sea of vultures (I’m the prey they will keep feedin’ on)
But I will stay
No, I can’t run away
So I just count the hours ’til the hours turn to days (Ugh)

Shake ya boo thang, shake ya boo thang, baby!
Shake ya boo thang
Shake-a, shake-a, shock it to me

(It’s funny how you think that I’m so)
(Honestly, there’s no point havin’)
Two of us
(It’s funny how you think that I’m in danger)
Stranger danger

Days into months
Months turn to years
These tears I cry
Capital I
Go dry your eyes
Ism’s a dear
Do I want it?
All through the night
Feed into lies
Unto the right
And grow your price
Reclaim the prize
Such misery but (I flaunt it!)