heylog – update failed Lyrics

Lyrics to update failed by heylog

we went through a lot of ups and downs
yet you still stayed close to my side
we often dug straight to the ground
you don’t know what i look like now
just a number in my phone
i’ll love you the most
march is a horrible month
why’s it always cold
spent the end to cry
i miss you every night
don’t call me when you see this
i’ll hit decline
i don’t look the same
as i used to
is this a bad thing
log, i don’t know you
i don’t look the same
like before
and i don’t recognize myself

2 weeks ’till i go home
can’t wait to see you, oh
october is when you go
now things are coming to
an end

she’ll only love me if i just love myself
but baby with you i felt things i don’t feel
i couldn’t imagine to feel someone else
the thought of it always gets me overwhelmed
i hate separating from people i love
but i go forever without anyone
i will go for days and not say any words
you won’t hear from me cause i sit back and lurk
closing the drapes to block out any light
the things that i do i would never advise
it’s so bad for me and hm, i wonder why
growing more acne and i’m not surprised
don’t look at me, please don’t look at my face
the way that you stare makes me humiliate
i swear i get uglier
i don’t look the same
you won’t recognize me by how much i’ve changed

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