Icewear Vezzo – Motion Lyrics

Motion Lyrics by Icewear Vezzo

Rich town magazine
All them million dollar niggas stood on venice bar to shoot up
I dropped 30 airy shoot up
I’m gon’ tear the roof off
Got my paperwork I read it twice lil nigga hoo-ah
File a ticket in the feds, this my time for a lil hoo-ah
Baby mama said I’m crazy
Sunday I’m the shit I went platinum in the streets
Rapping bricks bitch a hit
Half a book of yams full of flake look like grits
You ain’t never shot no blitz
The only thing you bust is wrists
Pill pop a day
Sir, I’m sippin’ goonie I make music for no rappers
I make luxury choppa music
Rainin’ off the strooms
Got a pussy poppin’ to it 40 in my nike hood come blues off them rocks it’s movin’
Jump on 75 saw three hours max to ohio just a several zips of ice and double back
Heard in georgia pill different color triple stack so look better get some meth bitch, how you rollin’ on them flats?
Got two choppas by the pedal desi in my waistline keep it movin’ heard them pussy niggas tellin’ through the grapevine
Dog shit everyday wanna go to war then put some papes stockin’ forages on them maybe that’s 62 I call it 8-mile

Hmm, ooh motion motion

Movin’ on the season gold models in the bro hand
Got the reggie bowlin’ for it half a rackie on the low end
For sure it’s jumpin’ back platinum wrist put my toe in
Hate to lean when you bust a 90 script, we know the program
Rarely come in pressure 250 in compressors skizzy full of pebbles stuffed the glizzy with some extras
Rollie with spaghetti 60-pointer diamond necklace fuck a car, a nigga steppin’ we done spent on shit for breakfast

Some niggas act like bitches put some hoes on them
Love to blow dry stuffed a clip and called somethin’
Never owed nothin’ hands out, ain’t hold nothin’
Bitch, I got my own money
Out of breath from road runnin’

Bitch hmm, ooh

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