INSOMNIUM – The Witch Hunter Lyrics

The Witch Hunter Lyrics – INSOMNIUM

”To great heights has the power of Satan risen in this country
The Antichrist is like a wolf on the prowl, hunting the weakest”

Foul creatures roam these lands
Murderers and blasphemers
Devil’s work has been done here well
Unchastity and heresy

Light of the morning star
Shines there upon her brow
Consort of the Evil One
Sorceress of deceit

Thou shalt not let the witch live
Thou shalt not mock the God’s name

All shall fall
All our towers break
For all shall end
If I will fail

“Affection and envious neighbors… Were those your words?
As if Lucifer didn’t have his hand in these acts of horror happening in this country”

Final hour to make a stand
Final hour to turn the tide
Lord’s work is to be done here now
Retribution of the one true God

If my hand won’t falter
If my will won’t hover
I will chain this werebeast
I will shackle her kin

If my faith won’t weaken
If my heart won’t give in
I will redeem this land
From the Devil’s dark maw

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