Jack Pop – The Bully Busters Lyrics

The Bully Busters Lyrics – Jack Pop

We’re the bully busters
We eat straight rocks
If we catch you bullying
We’ll knock off your sōcks

Yo!What’s Good!
My name is Chester
Say a bad word,
and you’re a retard for the semester

Hey! Hello!
My name is Wayne
Mess with my friends,
And you’ll feel the pain

What’s up my homies,
My name is Jamie,
Why be a goon
You can get more brainy

Wowza, that was a pretty nifty trick, but wanna know what isn’t nifty?


Ayo Chester, what’s the 4-1-1 on cyberbullying?

I’ll tell you, Jamie
This is Buddy, but you can call him Bud
He’s fallen under the influencе of cyberbullying
Let’s take a gandеr

Eat my shorts, loser

One way you can deal with these r-r-r-r-rancid monster humans is by telling them to talk to..
The hand

Looks like the only thing he’ll be eating
Is his dinner

All right, looks like that’s a wrap
And remember kids, stay swaggy


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