Janelle Monáe – The French 75 Lyrics

The French 75 Lyrics – Janelle Monáe

Cheers to Paris, the vibes
The French Quarter French kisses
Cheers to the last night French Fries
Partying and getting fucked up
Cheers to us motherfucking not having a hangover
Cheers to us dancing our assess off
Having a good motherfucking time
To that food men being good and we gonna order some food
Cheers to that latin courtyard that was fun! That was the greatest
Cheers to barhopping today and enjoying the muthafucking city
Cheers to yall getting yall beads
I got one bead
Me too
I got three
They liked you titties
I like em too
Bianca about to spill her thing
Cheers love you guys
(Sister Nancy)
When you see me Ribbit
Some come call me DNT some call me Nancy And I ah a Sista Nancy with the lyrics my name Me, I’m the only woman DJ with degree
Only woman DJ with degree
Straight from the priesthood Jamaica, island out to sea
Born and grow in ah Kingston City