Jockstrap – Lancaster Court Lyrics

Lancaster Court Lyrics – Jockstrap

I sleep in the East, and I live in the West
I feel him coming as the bells pound in my chest
As I yearn for rest (rest)
Sometimes I can defy it, and tonight I think I might try that

I grab the book and not the mirror
I run for the pen, but the mirror has me back in again
I fetch my friend
And we’re making love, and we sweet release
Once we’re going, we’re gone

I try to avoid my own gaze
But when I catch that pervert
I cannot look away
He’s here to play
And when it’s over, I lay me down and hide
I slide into a dream

I run like a horse
With the wind right behind
The gorse, it scratches but I don’t dare look back at what I’ve left behind
Oh, I run
(Don’t mind saying the things you feel)
(Don’t show the world who you really are)
Just keep moving forward
Just keep moving

I flit to the next
Keep it fresh and relaxed
You are good people, but sincerely
This is what suits me best
Just keep moving forward
Just keep moving