JVKE – i’m not okay Lyrics

i’m not okay Lyrics – JVKE

You can kiss my love goodbye
Your lipstick stains washed with tears I cry

For the first time in a while
I can see through the lies, bringing secrets to light

How could I be
So naive to
Think I had you
Maybe I’m just

I’m a fool
So naive
I wish I woulda known
You don’t love me
You don’t love me
Maybe I’m just dumb

Down, bad
All my friends say u the worst
Down bad
But I can’t see it, vision blurred

I know I look
Kinda crazy, ooh yeah
But I’m feelin good
As of lately, ooh yeah

I let you live in my brain
Cause I kinda like the pain

Breathe breathe

I’m not okay, yeah I’m broken by you
I’m not okay, but that’s ay-okay with me