Kacey Musgraves – Making a List (Interlude) Lyrics

Making a List (Interlude) By Kacey Musgraves

Oh, wow, an unexpected duet!
Now with Leon out of her festively coiffed hair
Kacey and the band began to focus on a game plan

Alright, what am I going to need for Christmas tomorrow, besides alcohol?
Decorations? You don’t really have any of those
What else?
Presents? Family?
Snacks, man
Yeah, snacks, where are all the snacks?
I have no snacks
You know, you didn’t have to host Christmas this year
I know, but I love Christmas
I mean, yeah, the planning is stressful
But, you know, when you get to sing or hear a Christmas song that you really love
There’s no better feeling

And so, even though Kacey had made virtually no progress with her Christmas preparations
She did, somehow, manage to find time for another song

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