Kingswood – Good Whiskey Lyrics

Good Whiskey Lyrics – Kingswood

There`s magic in the water here, a heart can start again.
There is no pain yet I`ve failed to endure.
And I keep breakin` promises this time it`s diggin` in.
I can`t have you and I`ve got to find a cure.
As I move to fill your place there`s still a mountain to explore.
Your beauty and your grace will one day surely start a war.
I rub my hands to brace the cold, I keep returning ever more.
My heart will only beat when I hear you knockin` at my door.
There`s enough good whiskey, ain`t no trouble makin` friends.
I`m all too often hooked upon the lure.
The world sinks on my shoulders as the winter settles in.
I love you, all this heartache is such a bore.