Kota the Friend – FIDDLE LEAF Lyrics

FIDDLE LEAF Lyrics – Kota the Friend

Yeah, yeah

I be Clinton Hill chill, bro
Only focused on the people that I heal for
Copped a baby fiddle-leaf for the crib
Now it’s ’bout to hit the ceiling, find it crazy that it still grow
Early morning on my front porch
Rain tappin’, sun showers on the forecast
This the shit that I was rappin’ on Paloma Beach
Show’s sold out, still, I never sold the dream
Mama proud how her son shine with no degrees
Show ’em different paths, how it’s supposed to be
Seen the whole world with some friends
Always wanted to, but never thought I’d travel ’round the globe for free
Crazy when your life is a vacation
Rain water rollin’ off your back, bro
Smiling in the eye of the storm
I stay riding even when I see the tires is gone
I’m really tryin’ to forgive folks
Only human, always learnin’ how this shit go
Yeah, everybody really doin’ they best
Even the ones that be doin’ the most
The life shit really you in a boat
On the ocean, tryna keep it afloat
And stay dry when you bound to be soaked
At some point on this journey
Workin’ on my bucket list until I’m on a gurney
Numb to the pain, can’t nobody else hurt me
I ain’t even fazed when the waters get murky
Always said that I would be retired when I’m thirty
But this shit ain’t even a job, I do this shit in my sleep, kid
I stay on repeat, kid, no matter the season
Got the flow laced like Victoria’s Secret, I’m having fun