Kyle Richh – 4100 Lyrics

4100 Lyrics – Kyle Richh

(Tahaa, its Shomii on the beat you already know how we rockin’)


(I’m on the block with the shooters)

(The ruler is hittin’ medullas)


(I don’t care if he hang out the V, Like)


(Grah, Look)

He was dissin’ now that nigga dead
Seen the news now I’m like “Yes!”
They not GBG they failed that test
Roll up wit’ TaTa hit him in his chest
[?] got hot so we packin’ the heater
We had him runnin’, like a cheetah
Bro in the field, like Vegeta
We made him freeze, no Kanika, shit

Heard he died from a shot to the liver
Bullets is [?] gassin’ his stomach
Like I’m wit’ Jah, 4100
Two guns in the drawers tryna find me a stick-up
Like-Like he can’t run cause this .40 is quicker
Sendin’ out hollows, I feel like the giver
Like I’m bussin, pass me the liquor
I’m in all black, tryna find me a Blixk
Two-Two baddies, lightskin and sticker
Like I got money, I move wit’ a switch
Niggas hatin’, I’m tryna get rich
If he not dead, then we spinnin’ right back
Beam on his face, all he seen was the flash
Opp-Opp niggas, goin’ out sad
Like what, OY off the map

That boy duckin’ beef, like he vegan or somethin’
Please don’t give me a reason to up it
Fazo the demon, might click it for nothin’
Caught a opp in the spot, we punched him
Heard he died from a shot to the top
Nigga said it was beef, so I rolled up the Dot (Dotty)
Like free the gang that’s stuck on the rock
Send brodie the drop, he gon clearin’ the spot

Ayo, Dee why he movin’ so hot?
I’m on his body, I’m checkin’ his energy
Not on nothin’, these opp niggas never be
Like he got hit thru the V like he Kenedy
I’m off a bean, gotta roll up a hot one
Bro-Bro caught a opp like “We got one”
When they was dissin’ it wasn’t a problem
Fuck that, now we gon’ roll him in grabba

Nah fuck that, now we gon’ roll up Osama
We gon’ smoke him again, Like
We gon’ roll him again
He was dissin’, now he wit’ his friend
If you got a problem, nigga come and bend

If you got a issue, nigga come and spin
Clip hold 30, rippin’ thru his skin

Yo KR, why they actin’ like we don’t maneuver wit’ shooters?
Ayo Fazo, why they act like we ain’t spin that block? we was totin’ the ruler
I get a deal, I’m hittin’ the jeweler
Like, need me a baddie a cougar

(I get a deal, I’m hittin’ the jeweler)
(Like, need me a baddie a cougar)

PTSD, who that in that sheisty
He get hit watch him flip out his Nikes
I’m on court shootin’ shit like Mikey
Why he movin’ like he tryna fight me?
Ion box nigga, ion wrestle
Fazo with me he just might stretch you
He get erased, no pencil
In the booth sayin’ shit off the mental, Grah
Told Jay hold the hottie
She got the body, she know she a thottie
She in the back of the whip givin’ masi
And I’m tired of smokin’ on Notti

(Told bro, let’s take a trip)
(Spin thru the hill, then we bend thru the mitch)
(Spot a O he get put in a spliff)
(I can’t wait till we see him again)
(Catch a O put a O in a [?])
(Double back if I feel like I missed)
(Like a mattress he gettin’ flipped)
(Who bigger than me? like I’m really him)
(Like I’m really him)
(Like I’m really him)

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