Lakeyah – No Hook Lyrics

No Hook Lyrics – Lakeyah

Reul stop playing with these niggas

The saying I’ma make it for a long time, nigga, then I went for it (Yeah I did)
Start to feel like I was meant for it
Nobody gave me shit, boy I stand for it
Any bitch try to slide, I’ma spin on her
Hardest in the game don’t compare me to no bench woman
Came in, doing bitches dirty, it done flipped water
A hundred shots ‘fore I ever send a bitch warners
You can tell I’m on they heads, we don’t flip quarters (I don’t do that)
Bills got higher than the money I was trying to stash
And tell nobody, me and key we was really down bad
Now them bitches hating, I got every thing they never had
Twenty thousand blues, lil’ nigga you can do the Math (Run it up)
Why they sleep? It don’t matter, cause I’m on they ass
See the way it go, they gon’ wake up less them bitches dead
I was broke now the younging got a bigger bag
Now I ain’t capping but this chrome heart crosses like morning mars
Eyes on the pry straight tunnel vision
Bitch I’m signed to Quality Control, so I’m really winning
Ever since he put that name on me I been killing bitches
Ever since he put that chain on me, I been living different
And now I’m getting twenty for the features and 30k for the shows
Was running me up a bag, now it’s coming bottled low
I’m a boss bitch I really do make the calls
I’m putting up all the points, you know I ain’t coming off
Bitches, acting hard knowing that they really soft
Show these hating hoes love when I see them, then I’m going off
All these bitches getting boring, I’m dozing off
You probably ain’t going to catch me in the club but ain’t finna doing bar
I’m stunting hard, now they saying Lakeyah showing off
I’m the Goat these other rappers got no hope at all
[?] I’m the sound, I’m the other bitch these feeding off
All these hoes pussy on my mama, I’m a fucking dog
Fuck a black truck put the foreign in the budget
Put my Ap on that [?] told ’em “buss it”
Water in the face lil’ nigga now it’s flooded
I done busted off on my opps
Now these bitches on me not shit
I don’t know another bitch my age this list
Send me a beat niggas know that I’ma [?] that shit
Chasing money lil’ bitchI ain’t chase no dick
Niggas ain’t slick, they know what’s up? And they can’t take this shit (On God)