Larissa Lambert – For Me Lyrics

For Me Lyrics -‪ Larissa Lambert

The moon is in the sky
You always on my mind
You got shit you tryna hide
I fix it every time
You love to cum inside it
The way I listen
The way that I ride it and kiss it

Guess I been tripping on you lately, I’ll own it
You rip my heart out when you tell me you want it
How we never sleep until its late in morning?
This Hennessy done really gave me a warning

I’m tryna take my shit global like warming
So I need energy I’m fucking adoring
Can’t be in my feelings watching all of your stories
I Need you to shoot your shot for real like you bawling

For me for me, for me, for me, for me
What can you do for me baby?
Show me are you really for me, for me, for me
Need you to forget all of them girls before me
Like 1, 2, 3, for me