Lil Cumtism – Pack a Dip Lyrics

Lil Cumtism, Pack a Dip

Listen, so I was gonna go buy some chaw at 7/11 and a crackhead approached me
And he was like, “gimme a dollar”
And I’m like, “dude, I’m spendin’ my last five dollars on some chaw
Like, go get money, it’s not hard
How are you homeless? Just go buy a house
I don’t see how you hav— like—
These, this homeless mentality sucks
Like, get a better mentality
Like, come on
How do you not have a home?
Just get a home, it ain’t that hard
Get money, get bread, it ain’t hard

Pack a dip, pack a dip, pack a dip
Pack a fat dip in my lip
My mom got mad cause I like to dip
So I kicked and broke her hip
If I could get in college for having sex with my family
I’d have a D1 scholarship
Eatin’ her pussy like a chicken strip
Her cum is salty like a tater chip
And I couldn’t find the clit
We in the Toyota gettin’ lit
I just had a threesome with my cousins
Then I rolled down the window and spit my dip
Pack a dip, pack a dip in my lip
Chew back and spit
Copenhagen so good, I do a flip
I heard George Strait died, R.I.P
Then I pack a dip

Chug a beer, chug a beer, chug a beer
Hopped in my truck and I hit a deer
That boy went flyin’ into next year
Packed a dip, I don’t wanna be here
Better than your boy, he nowhere near
Grandpa got a hearin’ aid, he can’t hear
Alabama southern pride, raise a beer
Chug it down, turn around, show that rear
Chug a beer, chug a beer, chug a beer
Alabama southern pride, chug a beer
Watchin’ NASCAR, don’t you interfere
Lil Cumtism the rapper of the year
We some hot boys, but we make it clear
That we the best rappers that are out here
Pack a dip, ditsly flag, chug a beer
Southern boys get it done around here


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