Lil Mabu – THROW Lyrics

THROW Lyrics – Lil Mabu & DD Osama

I’m on a roll, roll, roll
Go, go, go
Bye, yeah

Stay out of special places, my heart till I drop fixing that without breakin’ me
I learned the hard way, but I don’t do it anymore thankfully
Turned to a beast with Notti thot, I swear we deceived
I wasn’t ‘posed to make it this far, I’m talkin’ racially, shit feels make believe
I wish lil’ Notti would’ve stayed with me in the streets
I never parked the V and I’ve been on the charts for weeks
I had a vision, no one seen that, even my family
Music is saving me, but I know it could end fatally
So I keep that .40 on my side, ain’t no one tamin’ me
I wasn’t perfect as a kid, but I still ate my greens
I started working in the crib while my friends smoking weed
I started doing good and got more enemies
I keep my face up off the net when I be in the streets
I know my boys got my back, but when it comes to tottin’ straps, I hope they don’t run when the bullets gotta handle me

Ayo, Mabu, go, went back to the opps, get low
I said DD we clutchin’ the K at the pole, red lights, we be at the hangout, throw
Tell Notti I flock it ’cause I’ll flock it catch an opp, left him topless
Toting the .30 I ain’t toting no rocket (Brr)
Yeah, I wasn’t feelin’ niggas that’s plottin’
Grrah, dead opps all in my blunt
Bitch as much as you hate of a fun
Bitch, I’m that nigga I do what I want
Better have somethin’ and runnin’ my gun
Yeah, he died one time on the earth (Grrah), now he died two times
Put the beam to the blunt, I don’t even smoke but feelin’ in my lungs
DD got left Mabu got right, just know I still smoke right
Like, grrah, grrah, just know I smoke right
I ain’t goin’ out without a fight
I got diamonds on me, shed the light
Your bitch callin’ DD take a pipe, while I’m callin DD for the pipe
And the brodie get stuck in a slammer
Mabu gon’ hop out the case
I’m a lawyer I always got answers, fuck a bitch on the first date
I got bitches on me, Alabama, I keep runnin’ every other state

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