Lil Macks – Plastic Dreams (Freestyle) Lyrics

Plastic Dreams (Freestyle) Lyrics – Lil Macks

Man, this some shit that make you feel good
They say, Lil Macks, he signed a deal, so how he still hood?
I like the way you’re natural girl, that’s the real look
And I fucked hoes with plastic titties and I still would
From the bottom, but we had a dream
And it don’t matter if you jugg ’cause you ain’t never leaving
Some niggas plotting on their darg and they just need a reason
We could have won, my nigga, how you let your pride defeat you?
You keep on playin’ games, told you I ain’t into games
Felt like I was all alone, I had to find a lane
Niggas told me to keep it on me, you might die up in these streets
Even If I make a milly, I hope I never change
Feeling like they never cared, so why the fuck I need you?
Copped a new ting for the blocka and I swear it’s lethal
You ain’t been up in my shoes and they still call us evil
Blocka-blocka, I’m so blocka and I don’t take no detours
Right on top, just like we’re supposed to be
I told my nigga be composed when you control the heat
Livin’ large like Rick Ross, hittin’ shopping sprees
I love them foreigns cah the focus it had colder seats
Yeah, I’m in your city, I’m like 20 deep
But right now I feel envy, so it’s only me
And I seen niggas leave their niggas when it’s really beef
Crunch time, how come when it’s brackin you don’t ever squeeze
And I ain’t made it nigga, they say I’m famous nigga
From my, bro, I’ll risk it all ’cause Hoyoo raised us different
How you trappin’ and still questioning my life decisions
I might put diamonds in my mouth, so niggas get the picture
Fuck it and I got a no time to contemplate
Drove the Lambo with the license, that’s why I’m feelin’ great
She from the trenches, why she talkin’ like she from estates?
Seen a nigga with my hair done and said, boy, you ate
Pray to god my nigga beat his case
Gettin’ tired of indictments while I’m tryna change
Robberies for next to nothing tryna find a way
Don’t put me in the trap house, put me on the stage

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