Lil Wayne – Tuxedo Lyrics

Tuxedo Lyrics by Lil Wayne

d like a slut on the jet
I only come to collect
I’ma go through all the threat without makin’ a threat
Shit is a movie, it’s lookin’ like Tubi and I’m seein too many flaws in your set
Still on road and I came off tourin’
And I ain’t shit but I’m still important
I don’t judge and I do no courtin’
It ain’t nothin’ left when I take my portion
We gon’ die enormous, playin’ no games and I still be scorin’
Ain’t shit pretty, my bitch is gorgeous
Now that man in the mirror ain’t normal

I ain’t a killer but you pushin’ me
I smoke your lil ass like some kushery
I burn your lil ass like a DVD
I caught my lil’ ho with a EBT
I think this ho thinking ’bout havin’ ten of me
Ten of me, ten of me, ten of me
She want some company, she want some misery
She want some Tiffany’s, bitch, you a ephany
I know the bad times won’t ever replace the good (The good)
I got some new money comin’ in, gotta make room (Yeah)

I ain’t Aaron Rodgers ’cause I’m still on that pack, nigga
Still got twelve on my motherfuckin’ back, nigga
Came home from jail, they was tryna send me back, nigga
I just called my nigga Donald Trump and that was that, nigga