Lil Yachty – the BLACK seminole. Lyrics

the BLACK seminole. Lyrics – Lil Yachty

Sex symbol
A Black Seminole
A sex symbol
The Black Seminole
African Rambo with more ammo
Can’t be escaped, I’m on every channel

What’s wrong?
What’s wrong mister man?
Your eyes are low
And your walking with both hands on your head
His response?
He’s on a clean, clean high
Both feet upon the ground
But his heads way, way, way in the sky (Sky)

The Black Seminole, a head general
Distant connections, a large interval
A black man with mouths to feed
Embracing equality throughout greed
No time to joke around
The kid is now a man
And the silence is filled with remarkable sounds
This part
I’ve seen in my dreams
Love is not a lie!
It just feels like a Tarantino movie scene