Madison Beer – Silence Between Songs Album Lyrics

Madison Beer’s sophomore album, “Silence Between Songs,” is a musical journey that invites listeners into the artist’s world of introspection and self-discovery. This album, released on September 15, 2023, marks a significant moment in Beer’s career, following her successful debut album, “Life Support,” which dropped in February 2021. As we delve into the intricacies of “Silence Between Songs,” we find an artist who has not only grown but evolved.

Artist: Madison Beer
Release date: September 15, 2023


  1. Spinnin
  2. Sweet Relief
  3. Envy The Leaves
  4. 17
  5. Ryder
  6. Nothing Matters But You
  7. I Wonder
  8. At Your Worst
  9. Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)
  10. Home To Another One
  11. Dangerous
  12. Reckless
  13. Silence Between Songs
  14. King Of Everything

The album’s title itself holds a profound meaning. Madison Beer shares her perspective, explaining that she initially believed that her most significant moments in life were during the hustle and bustle of her music career. However, as she matured, she realized that her true growth occurred during moments of solitude and reflection, when the world’s noise faded away. This metaphorical “silence between songs” became the inspiration for this remarkable album, shedding light on her personal journey.

Influenced by iconic artists such as Tame Impala, The Beach Boys, and Lana Del Rey, Beer’s musical prowess shines through in every track. Her collaboration with Lana Del Rey adds a layer of authenticity, with Lana expressing her admiration for the album’s opening track, “Spinnin.” This track serves as an enticing introduction to the album, setting the tone for what’s to come.

The album boasts an impressive lineup of singles that build anticipation and showcase Beer’s artistic range. “Reckless,” the album’s lead single, was released on June 4, 2021, and its catchy pop vibes quickly found their way into the hearts of fans. It even graced the Billboard US mainstream Top 40 chart, solidifying Beer’s position in the music industry. The song was performed live during Beer’s “The Life Support Tour,” further cementing its significance.

“Dangerous,” the second single, was unveiled on August 22, 2022, adding a layer of depth and complexity to the album’s narrative. It’s evident that each song in “Silence Between Songs” contributes to the album’s intricate storytelling.

The album’s tracklist is a masterful blend of melodies and emotions, with each song offering a unique perspective on Beer’s journey. From the wistful “Envy the Leaves” to the introspective “I Wonder,” listeners are taken on a rollercoaster of feelings and experiences. Standout tracks like “At Your Worst” and “King of Everything” are likely to resonate deeply with fans.

“Silence Between Songs” also pays tribute to musical history, as “Showed Me (How I Fell in Love with You)” contains an interpolation of “You Showed Me,” originally performed by the Byrds. This inclusion showcases Beer’s appreciation for the roots of music and her ability to weave the past into her contemporary sound.

In summary, “Silence Between Songs” is a testament to Madison Beer’s growth as an artist and a person. It is a musical journey that invites listeners to pause, reflect, and resonate with the emotions and experiences she shares. With influences from legendary musicians and a personal touch that only Madison Beer can provide, this album is a must-listen for anyone who craves meaningful and soul-stirring music. So, when September 15, 2023, arrives, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Silence Between Songs.”

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