Margo Price – County Road Lyrics

County Road Lyrics – Margo Price

Hey kid, where ya goin’
With those brand-new wheels you got
You think you’re gonna last forever
Forever says you’re not

Won’t you take me down this gravel road
And out a little ways
Forget about this prison town
These goddamn summer days

Ever since you went away
Well, it’s gotten bad ’round here
Sometimes I wanna see it burn
In my rearview mirror

You’re so lucky you made it out
And you don’t even know
But I still see your car driving up and down
County road
County road
County road

I’ve got this joint, let’s go get high
And shoot a little dice
I’ll pour some gin, you can buy me in
Oh, wouldn’t that be nice

Ever since the storm came through
Well, there’s not much left to save
Developers, they bought your house
They’re gonna tear it down in May

Keep waking up from this nightmare dream
Time cuts like a knife
I wish I could have back
What I didn’t know were the best years of my life

Maybe I’m lucky, I’m already dead
Snd I don’t even know
But I still see your headlights runnin’ through the trees
Out on County road
County road

Remember when we got drunk
That time in Ontario
Listening to Warren Zevon
On the stereo

I keep thinking ’bout that very last night
When we went down to the bar
And even though you’re no longer here
You’ll never be that far

Hey kid, you know it’s been
Three years since the change
The band broke up, the boys don’t talk
And the city’s rearranged

No one’s lucky and no one’s saved
And no one really knows
Why it was you who had to go down like that
Out on County road

Why it was you?
Why it was you?