MESUS – MAGA Rapper Lyrics

MAGA Rapper Lyrics – MESUS

Bitch I ain’t no MAGA rapper
I grew up round battle rappers,
Battle after-wards in parking lots
Where bottles cracked and shattered
Ain’t no cracker, I knew black lives mattered
‘Fore you brand it, hashtaggin
Everywhere while folks who don’t care sit in mansions
Since I blasted on the scene bitch I done did this for the culture
(For the culture)
Killin rappers on sight and leave em dead stinkin for the vultures
(For the vultures)
Gettin money lately so be cautious how you kids approach us
Cause these hostlers holdin toasters have ya face all over posters
Kinda like ya favorite rapper cept your album title’s “missin”
Christian don’t mean I ain’t got demons it means I fight against em
Get a couple ticks a success, even family start the dissin
Same folks never gave you shit when you ain’t have no pot to piss in
So use wisdom when you talk to me like chewing with you back teeth
Fore your front teeth where your back teeth for callin my shit MAGA rap
Don’t @ at these socials thinkin shxt can’t turn to real life
Cause it can, and real quick too when you stick to the codes that I stick to
Bitch you don’t know shit about me
Worst thing you can do is doubt me
Best thing that I ever did was save that little kid from drowning
Worst things that I’ve ever did I definitely ain’t gone rap about em
Got more stripes than this flag wrapped around him, Homie ask about me


Sick of all you pussy rappers
Who I mean? Your pussy ass if
You ever said some shit behind my back
Mad cause I’m pushing past ya
I don’t do these politics where blue checks where get the compliments
And hotter shit gets overlooked like on bridge
Limits? Bitch I move like they do not exist
Gimmicks?? They say that’s my hits?!
The Problem is you dipshits don’t hear lyrics
You just nod your heads
You’re tired of politics?
Me too, but all I do is write the life I’m living when I jot with pens
So what the fuck do y’all expect?!
When they’ve turned our LIVES to politics!
Your skin color? That’s politics!
A mask and vaccine?? Politics!!
…just want the fuck up outta this!!!
But this how I cope with hopelessness that they done gotten us
In-to and thru the process guess I got a couple followers
So everyone that’s listening it’s time to set the record straight
Trump & Dictator are the only records that I made
That took a stance specifically, bout where I stand politically
So stop tryin to fit me these boxes that are gimmicky
Cause I am just a artist playing my part til I part this
world like waters God parted for my forefathers to cross it
There’s some more bars that’s they’ll sleep on
What’s new? But bet they don’t miss the last two
Only MAGA in my raps
Is MAGAzines if I’m come at you… mothafucka

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