NCT – Golden Age: Album Lyrics, Tracklist, and Release Date

NCT 2023 to Release Fourth Full-Length Album “Golden Age” on August 28

K-pop boy group NCT will release their fourth full-length album, “Golden Age,” on August 28. The album will feature two title tracks, “Golden Age” and “Baggy Jeans.” The tracklist also includes the songs “Call D,” “PADO,” “Interlude: Oasis,” “The BAT,” “Alley Oop,” “That’s Not Fair,” “Kangaroo,” and “Not Your Fault.”

NCT - Golden Age Album Lyrics, Tracklist, and Release Date
Golden Age Artwork

Artist: NCT
Album: Golden Age
Release Date: August 28, 2023
Genre: K-POP


  1. Baggy Jeans is a hip-hop dance song featuring a heavy bass line, minimalistic drums, and unique vocals over a dreamy feeling synthesizer.
  2. Call D is an attractive hyper-pop song with instrumental sound and minor vibe synthesizers that create an atmosphere as if they’re talking on the phone with the other person.
  3. PADO is a song that expresses the intense feelings toward a loved one in a cheerful way by comparing it to the waves.
  4. Interlude : Oasis Oasis is a unique medium tempo R&B song that gives off a dreamy sound/vibe, and a message of moving forward towards a golden future.
  5. The BAT is a hyper-pop genre track that depicts the sight of a black car crossing through the night metaphorically expressed as Batman’s Batmobile alongside powerful changs and intense speedy rapping.
  6. Alley Oop is an energetic hip-hop song featuring powerful brass and 808 bass and features the message of always running towards victory without stopping.
  7. That’s Not Fair is a hip-hop genre song that samples Bach’s ‘Fugue in G Minor BWV 578’ with a message that no one believe and lives in reality, creating a dark and dystopian atmosphere.
  8. Kangaroo is a medium-tempo pop song that features a refreshing yet mature vibe, with melodic guitar and piano sounds.
  9. Not Your Fault is an R&B pop song with a soft keyboard sound and contains comfort and support to all those who are struggling alone.
  10. Golden Age is a reinterpretation of Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 8 In C Minor, Op. 13 ‘Pathetique’ – II. Adagio Cantabile, the composition utilizes a variety of intense trap beats and elegant piano melodies. Hopeful lyrics welcome NCT’s brilliant golden age.

The album’s release follows the news that NCT will no longer be an expansive group, with the lineup of NCT to be finalized following the debut of the next unit (NCT Tokyo). The album also comes after the departure of members Sungchan and Shotaro, who have left the group to debut under RIIZE, and Lucas, who departed from the group following controversy.

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