Nightly – wear your heart out: Album Lyrics, Tracklist, and Release Date

Alt-rock band Nightly released their sophomore album, “wear your heart out,” on August 25, 2023. The album features 14 tracks, including the singles “wear your heart out,” “radiohead,” and “dry eyes.”

Artist: Nightly
Album: wear your heart out (2023)
Release Date: August 25, 2023
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Label: Nightly

The album “wear your heart out” continues Nightlys alt rock style while also drawing inspiration from The 1975. It’s a song that truly thrives in a performance and is expected to become a favorite among fans.

Nightly’s music has the power to electrify arenas; their tunes are catchy and relatable. Their live performances are always impactful.

In addition to the album release news Nightly has recently announced their signing with ONErpm, a music distribution company. ONErpm cited Nightlys success and impressive musical output as factors, for this partnership.

wear your heart out Album Artwork
wear your heart out Album Artwork


wear your heart out, Tracklist:

  1. wear your heart out
  2. the feeling
  3. like i do
  4. radiohead
  5. it’s not your body
  6. shirt
  7. navy blue
  8. my boys
  9. whiskey, pt. 2
  10. dry eyes
  11. naked
  12. pink starburst
  13. love somebody
  14. love somebody (reprise)

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