Oliver Cronin – Trapped In L.A. Lyrics

Trapped In L.A. Lyrics – Oliver Cronin

She moved to LA to be a model
But drives home everyday to go to college
And she famous on Insta for her body
But no one really knows about her problems

She belongs in playboy magazines
That dress from from feregamo
And the drugs from Medellin
Got pictures of her idols
And some Mike Amiri jeans
But always keeps a bottle
Just for all the times she needs it

Pay check goes to cocain
Drinking liquor by the bottle tryna maintain
New day, do it all again
I think she’s trapped in LA

Didn’t take long to find her soulmate
But she on set for rappers getting home late
So she knows it won’t last but it feels great
I think she’s trapped in LA

Didn’t take long to find a man she can leave
Spent her summer getting tan by the beach
I swear to god she way too easy to please
All she want is money and her hair in the breeze

All she says she cares about is liquor and drugs
But really all she wanted was somebody to love
Her mumma getting worried that she’s falling apart
But she gone do whatever for a life in the stars

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