I’m in the dark abyss, fuck being optimistic narcissist
After this life I’ma keep on creeping like I’m this
Creature with the fangs, no esophagus, burn in flames
I’m awful, this mothefucking alchemyst (Fucking bustin’)

Wakin’ up in the morning, doing my fucking chores, picking up bodies
Putting ’em in the bag, I don’t feel no remorse, I’m a wasabi
Hotter than all you fucks and I got better scores, I’m a tsunami
Makin ’em wet, them whores, ’cause I got dinosaurs tats on my body
Killing ’em with the scope, let me just snort this coke while my gun loading
All of that fucking smoke, I’m a disgusting bloke, don’t need a motive
I cannot ever stop, murder them in the spot, ain’t got oponent
Reddy’s a fucking God, spilling the fucking blood, I’m always on it
I got a hit up my sleeve, motherfuckers know I’m hot shit
Get up on your knees; don’t you bitch know who the boss is?
Open that fucking pit and let the beast out in the mosh pit
Everybody go run these circles, I’m the shepherd of this mosh pit
I’m always sadistic and pessimistic, you cannot diss me, I’d eat you like biscuit
Up in my chevy I roll in your district, bitches, they faint, swag of a mystic
Sober four days, then I’m getting my wrist slit, feeling like revenant fighting a grizzly
Bitch, I be Severus and you Ron Weasley, motherfuck you, I’m a beast, not from Disney

Swag, swag, swag
Swag of a mystic
Swag, swag, swag
Swag of a mystic
Swag, swag, swag
Swag of a mystic
Swag, swag, swag
Swag of a mystic

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