Rina Sawayama – Minor Feelings Lyrics

Minor Feelings Lyrics – Rina Sawayama

Artist: Rina Sawayama
Release date: September 16, 2022
Album: Hold The Girl
Label: Dirty Hit

How am I supposed to feel when you’re telling me
That nothing in my life is real
When you throw your words and hide behind a plastic shield
I just sit and smile

Writing my own fairytales
Building forts between the sofa and the windowsill
Dreaming of the day I’m tall enough to save myself
But I was just a child

What it takes to recognize
Emotions that I try to hide
The more I keep them all inside
The more they bury me alive

All my life I’ve felt out of place
All my life I’ve been saving face
For all these minor feelings are majorly breaking me down
(Breaking me down)

All my life you took me for a fool
All my life you told me what to do
All these minor feelings are majorly getting to me now

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