SahBabii – Traction Lyrics

Traction Lyrics – SahBabii

Go ‘head
(You know I’m fuckin’ over it)
Say it right here
Hey, eee

So many bullets and we gotta use ’em
Them niggas try pull it, you gone to the fullest
That nigga’s a groupie, pulled off on a shooter
And he said he had a full clip, yeah
Fast reactions, closest strap, I’m grab it
Bitch, I get active
They count dropping, he’s attracting (Fuck)
Fuck you niggas mean? It’s some traction (Fuck)
Who the fuck y’all niggas whackin’? (Fuck)
Niggas lookin’ dumb, start preachin’ that black shit (Fuck)
I value my brothers, we sending off crackheads
So much murders, they bringin’ them hounds in
He flexin’ money, I know that them pounds in
He said he got sauce, now he want some thousands
My nigga said he might rob him, take him down then
Them niggas pussy, they not gon’ retaliate
Step on a nigga and send him a smiley face
Beat a nigga ass and check every pocket
They say try it before you knock it
Nigga, try me, he get hit with the blaow
Yeah, fuck niggas, we gon’ come out the cut
If his bitch thick, she get shot in the butt
Dick in the Glock, we ain’t showin’ no love
Let off ten shots, I don’t ride with a dub
Thirty-eight, that’s a snub my UGGs

Traction (Traction), traction (Traction), traction (Traction)
Traction (Traction), what?
You say niggas want some traction?
Traction (Traction), traction (Traction), traction (Traction)
Traction (Traction), what?
You say niggas want some traction?

I’m in this bitch with more sticks than a pawn shop (Sticks than a pawn shop), yeah
Don’t send no goofies to slide, you gon’ get your pawn shot (Gon’ get your pawn shot, he’s dead)
As long as they on the block, we gon’ spin that bitch nonstop (Spin that bitch nonstop, yeah)
Bombaclat, pussy boy, we want smoke like a rasta (Yeah, grr)
Thought the pain’ll go away, but it got sharper (But it got sharper)
Bring your bitch in, we gon’ injure the starters (Injure the starters)
This that real jungle shit, we don’t listen to farmers (Listen to farmers, yeah)
I only want the bullets that go through the armor (That go through the armor)
Baby Glock, hold that bitch in my armpit (Bitch in my armpit)
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, we came through swarmin’ (Bow, bow, bow, bow)
I got my own religion, might fuck around start a army, yeah (Start a army)
And I ride with that shit that make cars start alarming (Start alarming)