Shakey Graves – Ready Or Not Lyrics

Ready Or Not Lyrics by Shakey Graves Ft. Sierra Ferrell

Ready or not
Here comes the weekend
You’ll be walking around, talking a lot
Lord knows I don’t need a reason
To tell myself I’ll be alright
I hope that it’s true
I’m already out for the night
Why not make it two

My God
Ready or not
Here comes the wedding
You wear the white, I’ll say why not
You are always forgetting
To tell yourselves you’ll be alright
Let’s hope that it’s true
You’re already one of a kind
Why not make it two

So I say ready or not
Here comes the funeral
You wear the black and I’ll pick the plot
It’s all so unusual
Saying we’ll all be alright
And you know that ain’t true
It’s always a matter of time
What else can you do

We’re already telling a lie
Why not make it two

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