Shelly – Steeeam Lyrics

Steeeam Lyrics – Shelly

Touch me the right way, baby
I’ll do it again, I’ll do it again
Sending messages hopin’ that you’d check it but do I, yeah yeah
I’m missin’ your lips, missin’ your hips
Missin’ the way I was touched by you
So I don’t mind waitin’ baby, I still got pictures of you

I’m staring at walls
I swear on my life that paint dries quicker than this
I’ve waited my whole life for someone like you to come by
Just wish I could see you, baby
And I know what I like, what I see (I like what I see)
Don’t think, just feel
I’m gonna love you, [?], yeah

Sitting here, on my own, oceans away
Breathe in, keep it to myself I guess

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