Snøw – Down In The Dumps Lyrics

Down In The Dumps Lyrics – Snøw

Your always down in the dumps
And I cannot help but feel accountable
That’s why I get what you want
Whenever you want cause it’s all affordable uh
I know that love is more than just material junk
The obstacles that life throws yah they really fucking suck
You, you
gone through too much and
I love that you dont pretend to be something your not
You, you
Yeah your the one and
I dont want nobody else
Cause nobody else
Will ever be enough

Being stuck in the mud
And I dont need nobody else
I used to be good by my self
I used to be numb
Then you came by and I felt
I guess these the cards that were dealt
Now keep being stable as hell
So rip my arm off might as well
Since you like to play with yourself
All of it
You can go grab it
Even my pillow I don’t need a mattress
You are my barbie
not really a ken
But anything for you just so you can grin
I’ll never get in the way of another
But for you I’ll take it right under the chin
You like to stare at the mirror and say that your fat and get angry when i say your
Thick uh
Your heart weighs a ton its so big
Your heart weighs a ton its so big yeah

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