Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – Beginner’s Mind Lyrics

Beginner’s Mind Lyrics Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine

Bodhi Tree grows in the light
Shotgun shell, cannon fire
Baby, we’ve got nothing to loose
An ex-president, L.A. sure has been changing
Living off the last of my loot

Hedonists in 909, trailer park columbine
Tina taken by FBIs
Uncut kilograms, two dead in the ambulance
Life was just a new way to die

Will you let yourself unwind?
Put your soul on the line
Striving for a beginner’s mind
My heart wasn’t there
Couldn’t be bothered to care
Now we’re drowning in the moonlight

Oh, my love, I can explain
I was only a child in search of my own name
A rider of the storm
A mystic self-proclaimed
The glider of the air
A creature in its cage
Now won’t you send me home
To my point break