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Tag: 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) (2019)

Hembree – Culture Lyrics

Culture by Hembree The key to this culture Never slow down And keep running with the vultures They wanna pull you back down so you can’t get out No, you […]

HEALTH – Slaves Of Fear Lyrics

Slaves Of Fear by HEALTH Slaves of fear From the moment we’re born Yeah, we want to feel love Or we want to be numb Slaves of fear From the […]

Drama Relax – All That Lyrics

All That by Drama Relax ft. Jeremih It’s Drama, 109 worldwide Ayy, Rvssian Gimme your love, gimme your heart Gimme your touch, gimme all that (Just gimme all that) Gimme […]

Jr Jr – Young Forever Lyrics

Young Forever by Jr Jr She said she always wants to dance What if that actually makes sense? The more you learn, the less you feel The moment as it’s […]

Daydream Masi – Favorite Drug Lyrics

Favorite Drug by Daydream Masi Hollywood sign, waving, say hi Feeling alright, floating, pass by You and I, come and say hi Been a while, but we still vibe Tell […]

Charli XCX – Miss U Lyrics

Miss U by Charli XCX I love you It’s  obvious, but people can change We  got bruised We left things undecided and now we’re two people We’re standing in the […]

YUNGBLUD – Die A Little Lyrics

Die A Little by YUNGBLUD Just when life gets messed up Just when you can’t turn back Sometimes, life gets like that It’s my addiction Take my foot off the gas Step on […]

5 Seconds of Summer – Teeth Lyrics

Teeth by 5 Seconds of Summer Some days, you’re the only thing I know Only thing that’s burning when the nights grow cold Can’t look away, can’t look away Beg […]

Cautious Clay – Swim Home Lyrics

Swim Home By Cautious Clay Blue skies no shade Red  flags don’t fade But  you stick around Read news Life’s short Eight  ball Poor  sport But you’re not alone No  […]