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Tag: “After We Collided” Soundtrack 2020

Harves - Do Your Worst Lyrics

Harves – Do Your Worst Lyrics

Do Your Worst Lyrics By Harves And now I’ve washed up in some foreign place I build a hut upon the shore I light a torch and set my heart […]

Brett Harris - Wish Lyrics

Brett Harris – Wish Lyrics

Wish Lyrics By Brett Harris I wish that I was able to fly Like a bird up in the blue I’d sail with skill to your windowsill And wait patiently […]

Maxchalant - Forbidden Love Lyrics

Maxchalant – Forbidden Love Lyrics

Forbidden Love Lyrics By Maxchalant feat. Maiah Manser The stone I cut you from, it didn’t bleed at all I couldn’t bear to witness how I did you wrong I […]

Fintan - Way Up Lyrics

Fintan – Way Up Lyrics

Way Up Lyrics By Fintan Just when I start to come alive And finally strip you from my mind You must be picking up my vibe How the hell’d you […]