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Tag: Album: 1999 (2020)

Rich Brian - Long Run Lyrics

Rich Brian – Long Run Lyrics

Long Run By Rich Brian Stuck in the past for my own selfish needs I don’t need you around me for my self-esteem I got word from my angel, this […]

Rich Brian - DOA Lyrics

Rich Brian – DOA Lyrics

DOA By Rich Brian Now I’m up, now I’m up You’re too far away It’s that DOA Now I’m up, and you’re stuck And I know you hate it It’s […]

Rich Brian - Sins Lyrics

Rich Brian – Sins Lyrics

Sins By Rich Brian I need you in my life for now How long? I don’t know You’ve done some shit I can’t understand I’m lettin’ you go Give a […]

Rich Brian - Don't Care Lyrics

Rich Brian – Don’t Care Lyrics

Don’t Care By Rich Brian Ayy, uh I been hurtin’, tryna fix the world And find the people that I gotta save, uh I been tryna find the beauty in […]