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Tag: Album: A Better Time (2020)

Davido - Heaven Lyrics

Davido – Heaven Lyrics

Heaven Lyrics – Davido (Yo L Jack, run the tune) Feel like you fell from heaven You make me feel so naked You give me inspiration I don’t know how […]

Davido - Very Special Lyrics

Davido – Very Special Lyrics

Very Special Lyrics – Davido Mo kan ma sope Mo kan ma sope ‘Cause you’re very special Ah ah It’s Davido Since I have been with you (Ge ge ge- […]

Davido - The Best Lyrics

Davido – The Best Lyrics

The Best Lyrics – Davido Original Of Lagos Ahchiii Ge ge Fresh Of lay lay Damn Baddest This bread no be Agege Betty no fit leave him nigga (Shekpe) Ko […]

Davido - Shopping Spree Lyrics

Davido – Shopping Spree Lyrics

Shopping Spree Lyrics – Davido And that’s on everything, yeah ([?] on the beat) Hmm (And that’s on-, that’s on-) And that’s on everything, yeah (That’s-) That’s on everything Oh, […]

Davido - Tanana Lyrics

Davido – Tanana Lyrics

Tanana Lyrics – Davido Oh, ooh woah, oh-oh It’s another Saturday, I ain’t come play I no come shady, baby, I no come waste time Me I want tanana, me […]

Davido - La La Lyrics

Davido – La La Lyrics

La La Lyrics – Davido Oh oh ah La la la la la la la la la la Uber Oh oh ah La la la la la la la la […]