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Tag: Album: A Love Letter to You 4 (2019)

Trippie Redd – Moon Walker Lyrics

Moon Walker By Trippie Redd No, not yet, I can still detect the energy source behind the plants that were controlling all those people Blue cheese Blue cheese Blue cheese […]

Trippie Redd – Leray Lyrics

Leray By Trippie Redd Good to now be here It was love at first sight and misery after two months Always feeling fucked up either by love or no love “I thought you was […]

Trippie Redd – Who Needs Love Lyrics

Who Needs Love By Trippie Redd Fuck your love, fuck it, I don’t want none of it (Yeah) Fuck your trust, fuck it, I don’t want none of it, no (Yeah) Fuck you, fuck […]

Trippie Redd – Love Sick Lyrics

Love Sick By Trippie Redd Shawty, don’t go runnin’ out on me Shawty, don’t go runnin’ out on me, yeah-ayy, ayy, ayy Bae, don’t worry ’bout what I said (I said) Get that shit […]

Trippie Redd – Real Feel Lyrics

Real Feel By Trippie Redd I don’t give a fuck what they feel I don’t give a fuck what they feel ‘Cause I love you (I don’t care, I don’t care) Said I don’t […]

Trippie Redd – This Ain’t That Lyrics

This Ain’t That By Trippie Redd Uh, better listen closely, ayy Shoot a pussy nigga acting nosy, yeah It’s just Big 14 and Lil Mosey, yeah Fuck that ho, you treat her like […]