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Tag: Album: A Muse In Her Feelings (2020)

dvsn – Friends Lyrics

Friends By dvsn Ooh, ooh Friends telling me I’m crazy That I’m wasting time with you You’ll never be mine That’s not the way I see it ‘Cause you’re mine […]

dvsn – Still Pray for You Lyrics

Still Pray for You By dvsn You don’t know if I’m okay Wouldn’t tell you if I wasn’t So I guess I’m to blame People tried to play me but […]

dvsn – Courtside Lyrics

Courtside By dvsn ‘Cause all of ’em on Snapchat, like “I see you lil’ chick on Twitter, you verified” Haha, I was like Momma had her young So they both […]

dvsn – So What Lyrics

So What By dvsn Bare bad gyal inna dah dance yah enuh Yow dvsn, mi ah want some ah dem gyal yah Yeah man, dem done know Unruly ting, OVO […]

dvsn – Outlandish Lyrics

Outlandish By dvsn Couldn’t be a better worse time Ironic Waiting for the perfect timing No such thing, no such thing I’m just living for the now May not be […]

dvsn – Keep It Going Lyrics

Keep It Going Me By dvsn We want to welcome everybody to the after hours You know I’ve been busy (One more time) You know I’ve been busy You know […]