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Tag: Album: AitcH2O (2019)

Aitch – What’s Next Lyrics

What’s Next by Aitch WhYJay (Ahh) Yeah, what’s next? What’s next? What’s next? What’s next? Pick up a check, flex (Flex, flex, flex) Came for your neck (Woo) (Lil’ p----, […]

Aitch – Already Lyrics

Already by Aitch I swear I never met a chick so fine I might move to this one and say I sing like Ty I get her so wet because […]

Aitch – 2 G’s Lyrics

2 G’s by Aitch Came a long way from being posted at the shop About a tenner in my pocket, thinking how to get my guap I’m not lookin’ to get nicked so I […]

Aitch – Aeroplane Mode Lyrics

Aeroplane Mode by Aitch Hello? Huh? Yeah I don’t wanna talk on the phone no more (More) They got it twisted, they think they’re oh so sure True say, I […]

Aitch – Buss Down Lyrics

Buss Down by Aitch Buss down, yeah she get the buss down (Buss down) 10/10, man I hit a touch down (Touch down) No one could take a shot now […]

Aitch – Weekday Lyrics

Weekday by Aitch Steel Banglez What we sayin’ Mo? Yeah She said “Men are trash”, I think girls are too Put the blame on me but I’m the same as […]