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Tag: Album: All Love Everything (2020)

Amaranthe - The Game Lyrics

Amaranthe – The Game Lyrics

The Game Lyrics By Amaranthe So many days we left aside We sought fortune by the rainbow We longed to turn the hourglass For the future going under As the […]

Amaranthe - Crystalline Lyrics

Amaranthe – Crystalline Lyrics

Crystalline Lyrics By Amaranthe My precious faith got lost and found Still thinking of you It is engraved in fallen vines Still linger with you I didn’t break, I didn’t […]

Amaranthe - Archangel Lyrics

Amaranthe – Archangel Lyrics

Archangel Lyrics By Amaranthe We brood in a land that is struck by disease A visage so vivid I see, but it’s just so unreal I mourn for the fallen […]

Amaranthe - Boom!1 Lyrics

Amaranthe – Boom!1 Lyrics

Boom!1 Lyrics By Amaranthe Everything starts with a boom! Boom! Hold up! Let me put my shades on Lit up a fuse for your remedy Tried to fix my deep […]

Amaranthe - Do Or Die Lyrics

Amaranthe – Do Or Die Lyrics

Do Or Die Lyrics By Amaranthe Oversee, insanity Misfortune and apathy Have to stop, don’t live life in denial Time to end humanity Apocalypse our remedy Reap what you sow, […]