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Tag: Album: always (2020)

​keshi - talk Lyrics

​keshi – talk Lyrics

talk Lyrics – ​keshi Baby I Can’t decide I Need your guidance I got nobody left to lose When I fall I turn to you And the world just got […]

​keshi - B.Y.S. Lyrics

​keshi – B.Y.S. Lyrics

B.Y.S. Lyrics – ​keshi Said you tired of the distance You tired of the fake love Say you don’t really miss him But I don’t really blame ya Don’t need […]

​keshi - us Lyrics

​keshi – us Lyrics

us Lyrics – ​keshi Tell me now Is that the sound Of all that we were building Crashing down All around us And we never saw it coming Maybe we […]

keshi - Always Lyrics

keshi – Always Lyrics

Always By keshi (Lend me your ears) Hey Where’d you go? Could’ve sworn that you were sleepin’ over Say I don’t know But I thought that we were starting over […]

keshi – more Lyrics

more By keshi Said she want more I’m not enough Getting low and I think I’m giving up Baby come home I want us I want us Said I gotta […]